King Gizmo IV

King Gizmo IV
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today has been a relatively quiet far.  The  puppies got a lot of exercise between last night and today so I think they are now in the process of re-energizing to prepare for trouble!  It will soon be dinnertime where things get very hectic.  As long as Mason doesn't go near their food, all is quiet, but the moment he goes near have never seen dogs spring into action flying towards the food bowl growling and barking to stay away from their food dish.

After that, comes playtime where we play who is "alpha" dog tonight.  If Belle and Diva are going after each other, Shadow finds a bone and gives you a look like "I had nothing to do with it, I'm minding my own darned business, leave me alone!"  When Diva and Shadow go at it, Belle jumps in just to heat up the battle a bit and then goes to me or my husband for protection.  Belle and Shadow, littermates...NOT.  When they fight, surprisingly it is little Belle that comes out the winner.  It all sounds bad, but Amy, our dog trainer tells us it is playing and not aggressive behavior.  I just have to watch and make sure there isn't any fur standing up, tails between the legs, fear; that is when I would have trouble, but so far it is all just play.

Just wait Diva, training class starts for you on Saturday.  Belle and Shadow back to school with your next class.  I just can't understand...why when I call Belle, both Belle and Shadow come, but not Diva; the same in reverse when I call Shadow.

Uh oh, all three have just woken up from their nap.  They've started pre-dinner playing.  Belle is digging in her bed.  Diva has found a bone to chew and Shadow...well it looks like he might still be napping.  Let the fun begin!!!
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