King Gizmo IV

King Gizmo IV
In Loving Memory, 12-31-93 - 2-3-10

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

ClickToDonate Thank You | Shop For Your Cause

ClickToDonate Thank You | Shop For Your Cause

The above link is a free click to donate to help puppy mill survivors at National Mill Dog Rescue. We need to stop needless puppy mills. There are way too many homeless and shelter dogs. Shelters are overcrowded in California, New York, and Florida. There are not enough rescues and it's heartbreaking and sad! Please go to the link above and help eliminate these awful places so Mill Dog Rescue can save more pets.


National Mill Dog Rescue

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Drowning Dog Rescued After Being Encircled By Coyotes « CBS Chicago

A very scary situation for a dog out for a walk. Remember to watch out for coyotes and keep your dog on a leash. Thank goodness this turned out well for this pup.

Drowning Dog Rescued After Being Encircled By Coyotes « CBS Chicago

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Social Networking

I love social networking! It started with Facebook and now I' almost all over the place. Facebook has allowed me to connect with friends and co-workers, then former classmates I haven't seen in over 30 years, to more recently develop friendships with dog lovers, particularly Chihuahua lovers.

My Twitter feed has evolved into an animal loving one. My Chihuahua pin board on Pinterest is extremely popular. More recently, I have been using Instagram where once again, my posts are mostly of my dogs & cats. I also follow those that I am friends with on Facebook, follow on Twitter. Now I am also making new Chihuahua connections all over the world! Pinterest is good, but you don't have the interaction with others as you do on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

With Instagram, I've once again become interested in photography. Having an iPhone has taken that a step further in being creative with my photos. You can put wigs on your dogs, take several pictures and make a collage, and you can frame your pictures. Below is a sample of my creativity with my photos.

So if you want to see chihuahua photos, you can find me at: Debbie Cavallo O'Halloran on both Facebook and Pinterest, debbieo64 on Instagram, and @dlohalloran on Twitter. I'm on Google+ too, but haven't been on it much. Feel free to follow me.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year's

Well I thought I would share some pics of my chi's that I created on New year's Eve. As a tribute to Big Shadow I even got him in the party! Who says pets don't celebrate holidays at The Rainbow Bridge? Happy New Year and enjoy the pics.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Shadow 12/10/09 - 9/13/12

It's taken me awhile to write this post. In September, I lost one of my three Chi's. I lost my little (maybe not so little, he was 17.5 pounds) boy Shadow. It happened suddenly & unexpectedly. Shadow lost his life to autoimmune disease. Something was causing his white blood cells to dramatically increase and kill off his red blood cells.

Since dogs can't tell us what's bothering them, we can't figure out what the root cause is that is causing the pets' body to turn on itself. Some pet parents are fortunate and able to determine the cause. Some pets handle the treatment well and live long lives. In most cases where a pet survives, the pet must be monitored continuously and take meds.

After two blood transfusions and lots of meds, Shadow was one of the unlucky ones that didn't survive. He was only 2.5 yrs old. It was a very cruel, unfair way to go OTRB, but he's not sick or suffering. It was extremely hard to deal with and has thrown me into depression.

We have since decided to get two more Chihuahuas. They could never replace Shadow, but they have helped me and the girls (Belle, his littermate and Diva). Last week, Belle turned 3, so would have Shadow.

R.I.P. Sweet boy, Happy Birthday, and Merry Christmas.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Helping those in need: KollegePawty Chip in for Spooky

This is the blog for one of my kitty friends Spooky. We are friends on Twitter. He is sick, but in remission with lymphoma. Those that know me and my pets know that Gizmo, my first Chihuahua had lymphoma so this cause for Shorty is near & dear to my heart.

Spooky's mom has been unemployed as well. Something too that hits too close to home. Please consider giving at Spooky's Chip In page to help defray the costs of ongoing bloodwork and ultrasound tests. As I know firsthand with Gizmo, these tests are very expensive. While you're at Spooky's blog, check out the other Chip In's for other needy pets.  If you can help, please do so, I myself know the Christmas season is upon us and that unemployment is still high, but if you're in a position where you can help, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

Helping those in need: KollegePawty Chip in for Spooky: Hi Pals 11/15/12 Thank you every furbody for all the wonderful birthday wishes, I had a lovely birthday with cheese cake nip treats & m...