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King Gizmo IV
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Social Networking

I love social networking! It started with Facebook and now I' almost all over the place. Facebook has allowed me to connect with friends and co-workers, then former classmates I haven't seen in over 30 years, to more recently develop friendships with dog lovers, particularly Chihuahua lovers.

My Twitter feed has evolved into an animal loving one. My Chihuahua pin board on Pinterest is extremely popular. More recently, I have been using Instagram where once again, my posts are mostly of my dogs & cats. I also follow those that I am friends with on Facebook, follow on Twitter. Now I am also making new Chihuahua connections all over the world! Pinterest is good, but you don't have the interaction with others as you do on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

With Instagram, I've once again become interested in photography. Having an iPhone has taken that a step further in being creative with my photos. You can put wigs on your dogs, take several pictures and make a collage, and you can frame your pictures. Below is a sample of my creativity with my photos.

So if you want to see chihuahua photos, you can find me at: Debbie Cavallo O'Halloran on both Facebook and Pinterest, debbieo64 on Instagram, and @dlohalloran on Twitter. I'm on Google+ too, but haven't been on it much. Feel free to follow me.

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