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King Gizmo IV
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One of The Blogs I Follow

A Place To Love Dogs – Our Dog Homer

My Dog Homer
This is my dog Homer. In a way, a big part of the reason I started this site. Well, that and my huge love of dogs.
A Friend For Life
Homer is a 14 1/2 year old Golden Retriever with a heart of gold and the spirit of a puppy. Everyone on my street knows Homer and wherever we go with him someone will comment on what a beautiful dog he is, stop to pat him on the head and once you do you have made a friend for life.
A Place To Love Cookies
One of Homer’s favorite things in the whole wide world aside from barking is his cookies. There is a house down the street that leaves cookies out for Homer everyday, which makes that Homer’s most desired walk destination.
A Good Day
Homer loves to play at the park with the other dogs and it is so cute to see him try and run, romp and chase the other dogs, of course he can’t really, but he doesn’t know. We love him so very much and are grateful for the joy and happiness he has brought into our lives. Everyday we have with him is a blessing. Today is a good day.
This is a reblogged post from aplacetolovedogs that is one of the blogs that I follow.  One of my favorite dog breeds is the Golden Retriever.  If I ever get a larger dog, this is the breed of dog I would get.  They are great family pets and very smart dogs.  Their fur is much softer than you might think!  They are very beautiful dogs.

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