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King Gizmo IV
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Coconut, My Turkish Van Cat

Even though this blog is mainly about my chihuahuas, I wanted to include other members of the family as well.

This is Coconut. She is mainly a Turkish Van cat with Calico mixed in. When I adopted her the rescue organization told me that Calico cats can be moody. I didn't know this and I had a Calico before never really paying attention to it's day to day personality traits.

Well, thinking back on it, there was the time we were getting ready to sell our house and we hade a married couple that were realtors over with the listing agreement. We were all sitting at the kitchen table when the wife spring up from her seat with a scream! It seems Patches, our Calico didn't like her.

Then the time when I came up behind Patches and startled her. She whipped around and fanged me! Maybe the lady at the rescue was right.

Coconut has her moody moments as well. I was told that is the Calico in her. Turkish Vans are smart. Coconut sits at her bowl waiting for the food. She even gets up on her hind legs and begs like a dog! She is a lap cat and will easily fall asleep there.

I was so distraught over the sudden death of Tabitha, my Tuxedo cat who was heavily bonded to me that I went over to PetSmart the day she passed. I was so depressed and panicked. The lady from the rescue who was doing an adoption event saw I was upset & offered me the chance to sit in the adoption room with a cat. She thought Coconut would be the nest choice to hold. As I held Coconut the depression and panic melted away. Vickie fell asleep in my lap. Since Coconut helped me, I decided to help her. I wasn't planning on adopting another cat, but I adopted her the next day! The rest is history!

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